Springboard Growth Capital

Springboard Growth Capital is an independent sponsor formed to invest in companies emerging from the Springboard Enterprises (“SBE”) accelerator programs. Springboard Growth Capital leverages the Springboard brand, which brings credibility, a high level of trust with entrepreneurs, and privileged access to investment opportunities. We focus primarily on companies in technology and life sciences, mapping to the strengths and portfolio of Springboard Enterprises. Springboard Growth Capital invests through special purpose vehicles, formed to finance individual Springboard companies. A portion of all fees and carried interest will go to support the non-profit accelerator, Springboard Enterprises.

  • Deep, long-standing relationships with portfolio companies allow early access to financings.
  • Robust and proprietary deal flow includes technology and life sciences companies across stages.
  • Access to Springboard mentors provides deep industry expertise across sectors.
  • Springboard Growth Capital leverages a unique historical perspective, allowing for differentiated due diligence.

Springboard Enterprises

Springboard Enterprises is a non-profit accelerator formed in 2000 to train women entrepreneurs to access institutional equity capital.
  • SBE has screened 6,000+ companies over 17 years and has selected over 685 companies.
  • SBE companies have raised over $8B in funding from a diverse set of leading venture capital firms and strategic investors.
  • SBE has created a unique ecosystem for women entrepreneurs; a network of 4,000 volunteer screeners, coaches and mentors, comprised of investment professionals, entrepreneurs and service providers to venture capital industry.
  • 86% of Springboard companies raise capital and 81% are still in business today.
  • 177 successful exits by sale or merger, including 15 IPOs; liquidity event percentage of 35% for 2000-10, double the national average as reported by the NVCA.